Art Gallery

Admire the Work of Local Artists

Visit our modern art gallery in Billings, MT

If you're an art enthusiast looking to do some exploring in the Billings, MT area, you'll be surprised to know that our tattoo shop features all kinds of local artwork from talented artists. Legendary Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery PLLC proudly displays a modern art gallery with stunning prints, canvases and paintings to enjoy. We also have original artwork and prints available for purchase.

Stop by our modern art gallery today.

When you visit our art gallery in Billings, MT, you can expect to find the works of artists like:

  • Daniel Kessel - famous for work with long-exposure photography
  • Shawn Abel - well-known for adding digital imagery to canvases
  • Bryson Foof - a true master of creating fluid art on canvases
  • HR Giger - you may also know him as the father of bio-mechanical art
  • Leonid Afremov - known for creating culturally inspired oil paintings

Visit our gallery to check out our local artwork display. You can find us at 1124 16th Street West Suite 6.