Relaxation Massage Services | Billings, MT

Let Loose With a Lovely Massage

Choose us for luxurious massage services in Billings, MT

Legendary Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery PLLC is proud to have Tracy Masters on our team. She is a licensed massage therapist providing private relaxation massages in our studio in Billings, MT. Whether you've had a stressful week at work or you are dealing with muscle pain, you can count on us to relieve your mental and physical stress with a massage.

We offer:

  • Therapeutic massages
  • Deep tissue massages
  • Full-body massages
  • Essential oil massages
  • Cupping massages

Give us a call to schedule relaxing massage services.

We offer various pricing options for our massage services in Billings, MT. If you want to get a massage with a tattoo, you can take advantage of our 15-minute sessions for just $30. Our standard rates are $90 per hour and we offer $10 off for all new customers.

Feel fresh and free with a relaxation massage. Contact us to book an appointment.